Three Top Restaurants & A Place To Get Dessert In Westborough MA

Westborough MA doesn’t have an official nickname, but it should as long as its been around. It is a town not a city, but it’s a very historical place in the state of Massachusetts. In a previous article, I discussed four of the top attractions in Westborough. Now it’s time to look at where you might want to go to grab a bite to eat. Here are four of the best restaurants in the town of Westborough, Massachusetts.

Italian cuisine is first up, and the name of the place is Arturo’s Ristorante. Head on over to 54 Main Street, and order up crab cakes, shrimp, meatballs, tiramisu and more. You can imagine the meatballs are about as good as they get. The staff are real upbeat, and the place is really warm and inviting. Enjoy a delicious meal when you and your family pay a visit to Arturo’s Ristorante.

The 2nd top pick is a little different. It’s a place to get ice cream, not dinner. You need a great ice cream spot. Uhlman’s Ice Cream is the place, and the location is 232 East Main Street. This ice cream shop is said to be a blast from the past, and there are supposed to be plenty of flavors available. Rum raisin is said to be one of the best, although it’s definitely not the one I would try. Still, this ice cream shop serves up some real treats.

Not Your Average Joe’s has a cool name, don’t you think? This restaurant located at 291 Turnpike Road is known for its steak tips, chowder, pizza and more. There are plenty of items on the menu that are gluten free, too. One of the other popular dishes that this restaurant serves up is chicken enchiladas.

Westborough Korean Restaurant is a unique place to visit, and you will find it at 7 East Main Street. People say that this place is the real deal. The stew is delicious, and pancakes even make the menu highlights. If you’re in town looking for a different type of place to eat that serves up some delicious food, this is your place.

Westborough has some great restaurants. These four top dining establishments make the list for being some of the best. You are sure to enjoy a wonderful meal with your family when you stop by Arturo’s Ristorante, Not Your Average Joe’s or Westborough Korean Restaurant. And you know where you can get your dessert, Uhlman’s Ice Cream.